1. JoJojojo

    These pictures will forever haunt my dreams

  2. Cock Dr

    It’s like a stripper train wreck that I cannot look away from.

  3. santas elf

    Santa only loves you if you’r bad….. (bad looking, bad smiling, bad behaving, bad boobs, bad everything! )

  4. Robin

    does she know that everyone thinks she’s an @$$hole ??

  5. Meh

    This is just wrong.

  6. Venom

    She is going to give that poor bastard a heart attack. lol


    This is like Christmas porn…wonder what it’ll be like for her 10 year old cousin to see this.

  8. CranAppleSnapple

    Your chiropractor warned you about that, Doug.

  9. Listen, P.W.,
    No Dottie…there are things about me you shouldn’t understand.

  10. SayWhat?

    if shes under 18, how is this legal?

  11. Just words

    I don’t get how a mother allows her 16 year old to marry a 52 year old and continue to encourage this behavior by being her “momager”. You have to wonder what happened in her family to make her like this. It’s disturbing.

    • Lizzlee

      I wasn’t with her when she grew up – I have never met her or her family. But this kind of behavior is a textbook example of Histrionic Personality Disorder – a disorder in which a person must be the center of attention constantly, very much in common with exhibitionists. Could be due to childhood molestation, a lot of those girls grow up to become what is known as HYPER SEXUAL. It’s a way of proving to themselves and/or their abuser(s) that they can be sexual of their own volition. Courtney is definitely hyper sexual. Calling her a “slut” won’t help her, she’ll probably agree with you and “own” it, even try to prove it further. She needs help. I cannot imagine being okay with this as a parent. Any father who is okay with seeing his daughter grow up to be a shallow, vapid, unhealthy person instead of the intelligent, educated young woman she COULD have been has done his daughter a terrible disservice and did not need to be a parent. Same for her mom.

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