1. Cock Dr

    Those are some very practical snow shoes she’s got on.

  2. angerinside

    She does know that if she does porn they’ll let her suck EVERYBODY’S dick right?

  3. Um…it’s 65 degrees in LA, this photoshoot is as real as her tits.

  4. momostyle

    looks like she forgot to spray tan her butt cheeks and her foot arch, oops !

  5. BAHAH


  6. cc

    She’s cheap and stunned and fake….but that’s a great position for sex and if I had the chance I’d LOVE to fuck her in that position.

  7. Zelda

    What. In. The. Fuck.

  8. I know you get to work from home while lounging in your PJs all day, but doesn’t having to post shit like this make you want to find an honest profession – like male prostitution?

  9. Lynz

    For someone who claims she is deeply Christian (i give up on the age thing) it didn’t take her much to find her inner whore did it? Skimpy wedding dress, and the clothes got smaller after that, apparently temperature and location doesn’t matter. Nice snow shoes. *sighs* this girl actually makes me miss Heidi and Spencer. Heidi had self preservation to wear more clothes.

    • Yeah, she is deeply christian. I guess she doesn’t realize that with every slutty outfit, every trashy photo, and every skanky thing she does, she is making baby Jesus cry harder.

  10. Winnie

    Quite the angle…

  11. SIN

    Haven’t seen her do an ankle grab ass shot yet. She is proud of her tita and legs but not that ass.

  12. Aneeda

    I’m sure her grandma is anxiously awaiting this Christmas Card..

  13. Terrible shot. Bad angles, bad lighting, bad pose, bad everything. yuk

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