1. Pete

    This chick is so narly…..I don’t get it.

  2. stenchblossom

    her mother must be so proud….

  3. Robin

    WHY Why WHy Why does she ignore her snaggle tooth??!?!?!

  4. BAHAH

    I can see the Christmas card right now:
    “Merry Christmas! Hope you get as much dick as I do!
    WIth love as gentle as a sexy, silk, stocking sliding down my sensual thighs, Courtney”

  5. me

    who the hell takes these pictures?

  6. Bazinga

    Well it’s not the first time a “child” has posed with a pedo dressed as Santa. Only this time said “child” KNOWS Santa is a creep

  7. audrey

    this is not cute…and is santa asian?

  8. April

    Just make your porn show and get paid. That way the rest of us aren’t being forced to watch it for free. I’m sick of your free porn oozing all over the holidays.

  9. help

    What is this pose? At first I thought she was holding up mistletoe, but there does’t even appear to be anything in her hand. I was giving her too much credit I guess! Nobody on the “set” of this “photoshoot” seems like they were able to think beyond “SEXY PICTARRR?”

  10. katysaurus

    When she poses in a “goofing around” type manner, Courtney is very pretty. It’s when she starts that seductive bullshit that she gets drag-queen-y.

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