1. Emily

    God, look at that face. ughhhhh

  2. Cornholeo

    Looks like Rudolph’s blinkers are on.

  3. Jezebel

    Grandma got run over by a reindeer…

  4. BAHAH

    She looks 47 here…

  5. me

    look at the armpits! they look lke they are covered in mildew!

  6. sav

    Why are these people even relevant? The only place I see anything about them is on thesuperficial

  7. audrey

    if your going to be superficial…at least be pretty…

  8. ET Phone Home

    this is quite the symbiotic relationship here… are they posing for a fetish magazine?? God I’m so disturbed…

  9. jani

    It’s handicap girl and her senile husband, again…the poses with her legs lifted up are so gross.

  10. Soviet Snow


  11. gigi

    there’s no way this chick is under 30

  12. Not here

    She is breathtakingly beautiful! G@ys & jealous women should not post as their opinions in matters like this are invalid. I was born with the only functioning type of meter for gaging women’s beauty attached to my pelvis. And it’s readings in this matter are almost off the charts! She may be a goldigging superficial slut, but that’s besides the point.

  13. awhitedude

    For once, her top doesn’t look like it’s stuffed to hell. She still LOOKS like hell, but whateva.

  14. I think it’s sad that she tries so hard to look sexy, notice I said TRY….there is NOTHING about her attractive. I feel sorry for her because I think she got married think he was a rich actor but in reality he can’t even afford to let her get her roots done or get a decent looking spray tan. I see in her near future how she will divorce him and get 15 more mins of fame by saying she was brainwashed as a teen..blahblahblah.

  15. Lizzlee

    This is what I’ve learned about Courtney so far: she does not have fake boobs. She uses a LOT of padding and over-sized bras along with those jelly chicken cutlet things that you can see poking out in all of her shiny red bikini photos. She also seems to use contouring to add shadow to her cleavage but it comes off as looking like unnatural brown streaks. Probably doing the same thing with her “abs” if you can call them that. Girl has NO muscle tone. Probably does the “sorority girl special” workout – punishing weights and treadmill at the gym, then eats a huge meal because she “earned it” and starves herself until her next workout. Give that girl some protein and for Christ’s sake get the self-tanner away from her!!

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