1. Jade

    She was a slut back then too. The only difference with now is that today she looks like a porn star along with it.

  2. Nora

    Her parents should be placed in front of a firing squad for turning their CHILD into a prostitute. I hope they burn in hell.

  3. The exact moment the she started her descent from “somewhat inappropriate” to “bewilderingly trashy”.

  4. “moment she started her descent” I’m hearing the voice of my third grade teacher telling me to “check my work”. I’m dumb like that.

  5. Paul

    she’s hot!

  6. gwinnie

    she’s friggin lame

  7. Me

    Her parents ought to be shot…jebus that is saaaaaad!

  8. fandy

    her mother sold her as a sex slave, good thing she knows how to shoot a gun

  9. Faker

    These are all the pictures she was sending that dirty fucker Doug. I cannot understand the thought process of finding out your 16 year old daughter is being groomed by an online predator and then giving your blessing to marry him.

  10. schnitzel

    She definitely had work done. Look at her nose and her breasts! HELLO! She also works out, you can tell, but she was actually a cute girl “two years ago” ahem… Her mother is nothing more than another attention seeking, daughter-whoring, money hungry, Kris Jenner-type mother… she sold her “sixteen year old” to this perverted creep, all for attention and fame. Poor girl. No wonder she’s the way she is. Her mother condoned her disgusting sexual pictures when she was nothing more than a child who doesn’t even know how to take care of her lady parts. How disgusting. Watch out for the sex tape. THings are about to get rill.

  11. winegurl1316

    From what I understand she “just” turned 18 a few months ago. Which means her disgusting, pathetic excuse for parents signed off on her boob job. And the plastic surgeon that did it, isn’t any better. They took a very innocent looking child and turned her into something out of penthouse. The parents should be put in jail for what they did to her. And NO I don’t think it is her fault because that stuff starts with parents allowing it to start. Seriously one of the saddest thing I have seen in a long time. God help this kid because nobody else seems to want to.

  12. ohwell

    She was gorgeous back then. But now, she look tore the hell up. Whoever handed her make-up should go hang themselves.

  13. Seola

    What makes this worse – is that we know by the time she was 15, she was already whorified. So these photos are of her when she was 12, 13 and maybe 14 some. Which proves Doug really DID change her looks, but she was already being sexualized before barely being a teen.

  14. webbythewebb

    Looking at this seems wrong. Like it’s child pornography, to catch a predator type ish. So sad.

  15. Kay

    How old are you people? Really, I dont care much for her but she is finding herself. Why is it ok for a guy to find himself and knowingly use females but if a female is just trying to find a guy that loves her it is wrong. Double standards will never go away if you dont step back and look at the Industry itself.

  16. sammy

    she has not done porn idk y everyone says shes a porn star when shes not in any porn! theres been so many young woman with much older men idk y this is such a large shocker to anyone ?! also its really no ones business if she was molested however y does everyone jump to negative things just bc shes sexy why is it such a big deal? it kills me that the world isnt allowed to call someone fat or things like that when really being obese is unhealthy but when somenes pretty its ok to call them a slut? shes married shes not a slut she dresses sexy in YOUR opinions why does it matter to you? if you dont like it dont look!

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