1. epik

    lol, her tits are totally real you guyz, she just went through a growth spurt

  2. rm

    that camcorder is like 20 years old… and she looks 14 in that picture… the math doesn’t add up here…

  3. Mr. Bones

    Look at the size of that camcorder! Yes, CAMCORDER! No one’s used one of them since the before Al Gore invented breathing. This bitch has gotta be at LEAST 60.

  4. Charro

    Keep in mind, she’s from rather a low-income area, it might have been all they could afford, hence, selling their daughter into white sex slavery.

  5. patrick

    that camera is not 20 years old you fucking morons. cameras were HUGE then. early-mid 2000s looked like this especially considering is a camcorder for a family why would she have a brand new one? people tend to keep these for years.

  6. dj

    I still have a camcorder that looks just like that and it still works perfect so no need to buy a new tiny one. That being said, I still think she’s about 30. THAT being said, I’d still kiss her from top to bottom with a long pause in the middle.

  7. TaT

    I think she’s cute. I think her and her hubby are kooky. But, they can tone it down a bit in public. I wont say anything about their age difference,because it’s really none of my business, nor is it anyone else’s there’s nothing in the bible that says it’s wrong except for the thing about profiting off the young, they’re profitting off each other. Her parents approved so they must like him.

    • sid-vicious

      you’re right.. i clearly remember reading “thou shalt take skanky ass pics and post them for the world to see” in the bible. it was right after “thou shall have thy husband pretend to perform cunnilingus while in a santa suit”. come on now! and yea, the dirty mirror is horrible.

  8. Amy

    She used to be so pretty! Such a shame it got ruined. The only explanation I can think of for that mouth thing she does is nerve damage to the upper lip from the plastic surgery, and that’s a shame. There was nothing wrong with her to start with!

  9. Sara

    She looks to be about 14-15 in most of these pics. That means that her breasts are definitely fake, boobs dont grow 3 cup sizes in the course of a year. Also I mean look at her frame, she is a tiny girl. The chances of a girl that tiny having natural REAL large boobs, its very very rare. It’s also obvious that she has had a nose job.

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