1. Scurvy

    What is it about brick walls that makes them so god damn’ sexy?!

  2. chicken chickenovna chickenova

    brick walls and grotty metal stairs; this girl was born classy!

  3. Marnie

    How long do you think before the “My boobs are real. These pictures were taken before I was fully developed” statements begin?

    Oh wait, sorry… “My bodacious bubbly breasty boobs are rambunctiously restlessly real. These pure, playful, passionate pictures were tantalizingly, torridly taken before I was fully dangerously deliciously developed!”

  4. sid-vicious

    haha, yup. that’s what i’ve been wondering this whole time.

  5. Muffy

    Damn, she looks human in these pics! Bitch can lie all she wants. She had work done like countless others in the industry.

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