1. Kia

    Hello Barbizon School of Modeling reject! Those are some of the worst fake modeling pictures I’ve ever seen.

  2. eww

    but you can’t deny the girl was hot… BEFORE.

  3. Lacy

    I don’t know which is more disturbing – the way she looks/acts now or the fact that (if she was 12 or 13 in these pictures) someone felt it was appropriate to take pictures of her posing so provocatively.

    • Charro

      Um…she’s 15 in these. Yes, about a year prior to meeting Doug. Quite the transformation in just over a year, eh?

  4. Damien

    She was cute. WTF happened? Somebody change her back.

  5. no boobs back in day

    She must be 5 here since her boobs are real.

  6. Wow. She was really beautiful in these pictures. I guess it’s simple to understand why someone would get a boob job, but why on earth did she go & mess with her *face*? It was lovely, now it’s just… plastic.

    This is pretty depressing =(

  7. Jen

    if she is 15 there im guessing it was 04 … then that would make her older than what she claims to be… Who lies about their age in their early/mid 20s?

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