1. Karl

    this girl was so molested in her childhood, what the hell happened to her…she looked good back then…

    • Jake

      um…. she’s still in her childhood….

    • Ninne

      I was molested in childhood and I did not turn out to be a whore. So I don’t buy this excuse for her behaviour. She appears to be drugged up and just desperate for attention. Not sure I would link that to being molested. Although she’s likely being molested now by this creep of a husband, which she will realize sooner or later, but then it’ll be too late.

      • Shannon

        Hypersexualization is a very common symptom seen in girls/young women who have been abused. Just because you personally did not experience it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Being a former victim of abuse does not make you an expert on everyone’s abuse.

      • Nophel

        You don’t have to be an expert to experience it. Shannon: really? show some sympathy. That last sentence is a real jerk move.

      • lori

        You did, however, turn into a judgmental asshole.

    • MissBoelyn

      Actually you’re so right. I’ve been thinking the same thing about her for pretty much always. Hypersexualization, attraction to (significantly) older men, focusing primarily on your worth as a sexual being rather than a whole human being = classic symptoms.
      And Doug Whatshisname is pretty much a giant pervy pedophile and it kills me that he was in one of my fave films of all time, now ruining it for me.

    • Courtney: Age 15.


      Incidentally the “Ms. Ocean Shores” was entirely honorary. She didn’t have to compete for it. In fact there is a “Ms. Grays Harbor” contest every year that she was conspicuously absent from. Her mom just wanted the title for her so she could get into the Trump pagent.

  2. Jezebel

    This is what a 16 year old looks like, thus proving she’s actually 68 years old now. Or maybe she has taken a horrible page out of the book of Heidi Montag: “From Cute to Cougar: The Aesthetics of Rapid Aging.”

    • She still looks way older than 16 here to me. She’s just one of those people who looks way older than they are I guess. lucky for her she’s speeding up the process and will look like a pile of dust if she lives to 30.

  3. D-chi

    She was just so beautiful! What happened??

  4. SN

    Wow, see this one and the next two or three – growth spurt in the boobs is at least conceivable. I’m pretty sure your nose doesn’t get smaller over the course of puberty. She had a major nosejob.

  5. JR

    She used to be so beautiful. What happened to this girl ought to be filed under abuse.

    Bitch needs some serious therapy.

  6. Jenni

    wow .. that is sad .. she used to be really pretty and probably could have had success as an actress (if she could act?) .. now she is a joke and looks like a more cracked out version of pam andersen

  7. Shannon

    Well on the upside, we now know she is only 99% fake. Her hair color appears to be real.

  8. gorge bush

    ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡bitch teen!!!!!!!!!

  9. make up

    I was going to blame Doug for making her wear halloween make-up. But if you look at her youtube videos prior to doug she was doing the older look with the make-up back then too.

  10. make up

    During interviews she always looks like she’s about to pass out like she’s doped out. All she talks about is sex etc etc.

  11. Someone snagged her while she was young, bought her boobs, and married her. I give the marriage three more months until she realizes that she’s way hotter than her husband.

  12. No, she was never ‘beautiful. She was a very average looking teen who has gone full whore. Yes, the change is big, but to say she used to be so beautiful or hot or pretty is a bit much.

    She was average at best.

  13. VeNoM

    Are we in Japan all of a sudden that pedophilia can exist like this?

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  19. James

    She used to look nice. I would say what happened but it obovious that she doesn’t care what she looks like as long as she in the news . Lol

  20. Guest

    -raises hand-
    She’s still wearing a lot of makeup in this picture. The foundation is pretty much caked on. She’s just wearing a more natural look (which is definitely more flattering than the cat-eye look, otherwise known as “the ageing divorcee”).

  21. gryphon50

    I don’t understand her. This is what guys like- someone young, fresh-faced, more natural looking. I don’t understand why she would try to improve on this.

  22. Katia

    She’s pretty, but I think she has a permanent duck face

  23. MooShoo

    I understand why she had the silicone and bleach and heaven knows what else. She was cute, but VERY average, nothing special – certainly never stood out in a crowd of fresh, young California girls. Now, she’s like an overdone transvestite – a train wreck you can’t help looking at.

  24. yari

    She’s just an immature girl that’s it. She’s skinny no body whatsoever, just breast augmentation and sexual poses and every stupid guy thinks she’s a bombshell or a model. Cm’on idiots its just a girl with sexy clothing.

  25. me

    Average looking.okay . shame she decided to age herself by 20 + years just in a year or so. She looks like a spent prostitute now. And how Doug whatshisname could want that as his wife, shows his intellignece….say no more…did she even graduate school?

  26. Stacey E

    I don’t understand why people don’t realize she and her mother are just using Doug to try getting her a career in show business. She belittles him and dismisses his wishes every chance she gets. She doesn’t care what he wants or cares for, but pretends she’s not a mean bitch to try to cover it up. He’s had nothing but a string of bad marriages because he probably doesn’t like himself very much. He will probably end up in divorce, once again, as soon as he sees her for the monster she is. Right now he’s being delusional, because someone much younger than he is, is pretending (very badly) to care about him. She doesn’t and it’s painfully obvious.
    I’ll never understand manipulative mean spirited bitches who fake being stupid so nobody will make them answer for their behavior.
    As far as her equally skanky mother, of course her daughter was being “pursued” by various guys. They think she’s easy based on the way she looks. These weren’t quality guys going after her because they thought she was beautiful. They thought she was easy to get based on the way she choses to present herself. It’s not flattering, and her mother seems to be low class, too.
    I wish they’d stop coddling these two and make them face reality.

  27. Country John

    It’s sad she chose to boink the old guy for a shot at doing something she seems cut out for anyway. I suppose you do what you got to do. When she matures to the point where she realizes how ridiculous all this nonsense is, I hope she handles it well.

  28. Zofia Swor


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