1. UJ

    The “Oops I superglued my butt to a brick” pose.

  2. misella

    From Sears glamour shots to geriatric porn.

  3. Manowl

    I feel like our universe splits into two parallel dimensions, starting with this pictures. From that point onwards, two realities diverge: in one, this girl took some good advice, and underwent some top notch surgery, to become Blake Lively. In the other, she became the skanky oompahloompah pumpkin handler known as Courtney Stodden.

  4. licialicia

    What??? They said, they SWORE her breasts were real not FAKE!!!!! You mean they LIED to me? I can’t BELIEVE IT.

  5. texturefarts

    um yes please..(the brick next door)

  6. Billyjean

    My momma always said only give the boys a little tasting of hidden sweet chocolates till he is willing to give a ring on left wedding finger …

  7. gegserg

    She’s wearing something in her bra. Her husband is an actor experienced fellow. It’s an act I tell ya.

  8. So basically these are the pre-plastic surgery pictures..before the breast implants.

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