1. Schmidtler

    wow, she looks absolutely perfect here – what possesses women to think the fake tits, fake tan and all that makes them look better? OK, I’ll concede the painted on fake ab lines are hot, but the rest of it is a waste.

  2. V

    white slavery, that’s all I have to say.

  3. oh i know

    the britney-skirt says 10 years ago and she looks to be about 16 or 17 (and 1000 times BETTER!!) so my math says she’s been doing some HARD (legal)drinking for at LEAST the past 5 years!!

    • anon

      Eh, her current style is at LEAST 10 years behind everyone else too, so these pics actually just confirm her inability to navigate the tricky world of fashion. (PS Court, it goes like this: go to news stand -> peruse magazine/s aimed at your age demographic -> buy trendy shit as displayed -> look like every other chick)

      • oh i know

        hahaha! true, her “current style” consisting of the daisy dukes and dirty white hooker boots… she must be wading through her hubby’s stack of old magazines for fashion tips!

  4. HohoeyGoey

    Cute young lady, now she looks like she would have that skank smell about her lounge lizard or lot lizard waiting for a fresh batch of truckers to blow and bamboozle.

  5. make up

    Most big breasted women start developing in the 5th grade. So if her boobs were real why didnt she have any at 14? She’s just 16 now!

  6. Im gonna safely say that her dad was probably having sex with her.That is why she turned out the way she did.

  7. RUINZ

    this clothes look like something from 1999 or 1998 and so she was probably 16 in these pics. Making her 30 now. ahhh it all makes sense now.

    Sorry I don’t buy the whole teenage bride story. I know what 16 year olds look like. She isn’t one.

  8. neeciepeace

    Another no-talent, non-celebrity train wreck. Don’t feed it—ignore it–maybe it will just curl up and die.

  9. Robot Boom


  10. Hutchinson Hutchison took a pretty 16 year old girl and turned her into what looks like a 35 year old meth head. Very Nabokov of him. Who’s her daddy? She’s not quite sure, you know?

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