1. ArtGirl

    Yeah her tits are totally “rill”…

  2. chicken chickenovna chickenova

    Indeed. I think this answers the question whether the Courtney Stodden of today has been surgically enhanced.

    Her mother makes me die inside. What kind of mother lets or even worse encourages her teenage daughter, a MINOR for crying out loud, to get breast implants? Even Dina Lohan didn’t stoop that low…

  3. JBHawaii

    Courtney and Doug laughed off the widespread view that her voluptuous body is fake.

    “It’s real,” she said.

    “It’s rill, head to toe…. R-I-double L.”

    “Courtney’s plastic surgeon was God,” Doug quipped.

    “Thank you, Jesus,” Courtney said.
    LOL-what a joke!!!

  4. candy man

    There she was…the 27th best looking girl in her 9th grade class.

    • Charro

      She was home schooled through a “Christian Academy”…therefore, not out among real, regular kids, and couldn’t tell anyone daddy was touching her no-no places. Then again, I don’t blame them…the schools here are shit.

  5. Tracey

    Well, now she can look back and see how beautiful she looked 20 years ago, considering she looks like she’s in her 30s now. What an idiot, with horrible parents and a creepy husband. Yeah, sure, I’m jealous, not…

  6. Tracey

    OK, I used the wrong word. Better, not beautiful.

  7. D-chi

    This is the saddest picture.

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