1. jumpin_j

    FIRST!!! Sad thing is it looks like she was actually kinda cute back then. What was she, fifteen?

  2. Karl

    she was cute back thn and looked young what the fuck happened??? her parent need to burn in hell.

  3. Cock Dr

    These pics are disturbing to me. This woman has destroyed herself. She gulped down the famewhore Kool-Aid like many other once pretty girls who dream of being a movie star, marrying NFL quarterbacks & posing for Playboy. I suppose cities like LA and NY are crammed with them. Very sad.

  4. Karl

    so if she looks like a 40 year old now, what will she actually look like at 40…seriously she looked way younger back then. her actual age!

  5. Snack pack

    How much time do you think her creepy old husband spent in Thailand before hooking up with her famewhore parents?

  6. katy perry

    All jokes aside…she looks like a very pretty young girl here. I truly think there has been some shady shit in her history (not to mention her present) that made her turn out to be such a ridiculous whore-tard.

    • Snack pack

      Ding! That’s what’s freaking/creeping a lot of us out right now. She’s an easy target for snark, but she’s likely an innocent victim of her parents’ dreams and Doug’s desires.

      • You’re exactly right! Her sick mother is her manager! And also signed off for her to marry Doug the BIG movie star! Ha what a joke. He will never work again. I don’t know what the do for money. I’m sure they got a little for couples therapy tv show?!

  7. staylor

    So if she is “REAL” now how come she has NO massive cleavage choking her out in these pics?? hmmmm….sherlock, we have solved the mystery!

    • Arkon

      That’s what make her claims so outrageous.

      Nobody in their right mind would believe that’s the result of natural growth and/or gravity-defying push-up bras.

  8. Kitty purry

    “I’ve never had plastic surgery”…

  9. duder

    Seriously? Even here she looks like a 32-year old playing a college freshman. It’s just her new role as Stifler’s mom that has you all confused by comparison.

  10. Kitty

    I had almost that exact same outfit when I was in high school. I am now 22, having graduated high school in 2007. Calling bullshit on the age, unless she really went to a thrift store and found all of the clothing for this shoot there or something.

  11. gegserg

    Its an act.

  12. MOMOE

    I HATE This dumb bitch BUT I must say she looks WAY better here than she does NOW! She should have stayed this way

  13. ConCarver

    She isn’t the first woman to pull a “$6,000 dollar woman” and she won’t be the last.

  14. damian

    She went crazy and ruined herself.
    For life.

  15. KT

    Sad, she has natural beauty here~now she’s so fake and creepy and please don’t let her speak.

  16. Ellen Cormier

    just goes to show what Hollywood can do to a Tween. She is adorable here. now she looks like total white thrash with that creepy 51 year old sugar Daddy.

  17. This is really a sad story IMO! Cute girl who could have turned into a beautiful woman. But, now she’s ruined herself with the help of her parents! Her MOM his her manager! Who has submitted her to playboy more than once & sign off for her to marry Doug! Her mother is sick! Courtney never had a chance! Don’t get me wrong I don’t like her, but she has no one supporting her to change in a positive way! Anyway who would respect her now if she did change? And I think she enjoys the attention!! Just gross, it almost seems to me that she’s on some type of meds. Lala land meds!

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