1. Poor guy is so used to wearing sunglasses to perve on young chicks, he can’t break the habit even after “marrying” one.

  2. Jack Ketch

    Ugh … lying BITCH goes on camera to “prove” she has had no surgery – AGAIN – and has a whole new nose ??

  3. KC

    I didn’t know Playboy was going to open a wax museum.

  4. Shelby

    I don’t really find Courtney very attractive, but WTF. There is absolutely no way that an 18 year old girl is attracted to this 50 something year old man. I mean, there are some 50 something year old guys out there who ARE attractive, but not this guy………

  5. Gross

    It’s hilarious to me that she tries on bra top costumes with her bra because if she took it off the world would know she just wears a VS Bombshell bra to lift her saggy A cups to a C.

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