1. It’s not topless until I see nipple.

    • fair point. Topless, but not visible is pretty much exactly the same as “wearing a top”.

      It’s like these headlines that say “Amazingly hot famous chick poses NUDE!”…and it’s pictures of her not wearing clothes, but posed so nothing interesting is visible. fuck you…spread your goddamn legs!

  2. Aren’t they shooting pornos out in Ventura now to avoid that pesky condom law in LA county? Hmm…


  4. anonymous

    Only women with bolt-on hold their titties up like melons. Girls born with big breasts end up smashing flat when they hold them.

  5. me

    absolutely fuckin hot.

  6. sillycon

    Its a race between her and Kim K. to see who is the biggest Boob of the Century! I feel bad for her ex to have had to put up with this dimwitted shitstain.

  7. Her IQ has to be below 100. I felt bad that her parents basically sold her into marriage with a 50 year old man, but then she opened her mouth.

  8. shahbaz

    great boobs i want your boobs in mouth

    • Coach Red

      Suck on a water filled balloon. You should get about the same feel. You can always close your eyes and imagine. Yuck.

  9. Awsme body man i wish she could be my maid i have her cleaning my house in th nude. Wooooooo-Hoooooo…

  10. Coach Red

    I thought she got those things reduced?

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