1. Hugh Evers

    She will be the first to license her likeness for a mass marketed sexbot. There is only destiny and it takes but one journey.

  2. I prefer this version of Dollar Bill Cheap Hooker Barbie over the last one.

  3. neo

    HOLY CRAP – SHE LOOKS GREAT! (Sorry, haters…I gotta tell the truth). daaaaamn!

    • 43-Sensabargh

      Ha, I agree, but these haters like to stick around, end up having downhill rating, it’s impossible that fans can’t get a break from being douchebags

      • KC

        Jesus, both of you stop saying haters. Everyone who uses that word ends up sounding like the same idiot. Do you guys hold meetings or do you all just share the same annoying personality?

  4. Kuro

    She looks 100% better than she used to. Her hair isn’t a ratted mess, her make up is toned down, she’s not drawing on a unibrow anymore… and her botox seems to have worn off. She looks human again!

  5. lawn

    She looks more her age now. 28-30.

  6. pete

    new face or not – she’s stil a whore

  7. Miss Moppet

    It took me a while to figure out why she looks so different. I don’t think it was plastic surgery, it’s that she isn’t tan anymore. No more fake oompah loompah orange. That plus significantly less makeup have her looking human.

  8. Dawn

    Her eyes look different too tho…

  9. TXZen

    Why do facelifts always make the recipients eyes not close evenly?

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