1. suck it

    When did she develop a trifecta of moles???!?!? Are they pimples? WTF.

  2. gearhead

    dam get your money back, old face better than new face… wow

  3. Courtkney

    Her nose job didn’t turn out too bad, and it looks like she’s only wearing one padded bra today. So those are pluses.

  4. Cock Dr

    Beauty isn’t something you can buy from a store, spa or Dr. It’s genetics, hard work and healthy living.
    This is sad and it won’t end well.

  5. Connect the dots, la la la ….

  6. Kitty

    a bit better, she must of taken off the layers of make up and kept one… take off the fake lashes and look more natural and rock what you got…

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