1. bloo

    i know these are the least of her problems, but will someone please buy that little girl some foundation that matches her fake tan and a strapless bra?

  2. Mary

    She needs more than those things, bloo, she needs a mother who will tell her to stop dressing like a whore and someone who can afford dresses for her that have more fabric.

  3. Jack

    She’s the new Pamela Anderson. Seriously, she looks just like Pam circa 1995 (when she was at her peak hotness).

  4. Ho Police

    wait…………..she’s how old? i didn’t know you could become a hooker at that age….huh. you learn something new everyday.

  5. That’s one harsh, harsh 17.

    She’s going to have one hell of a wakeup call when the age novelty wears off and he dumps her for a meth-aged 14 year old.

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