1. little turtle head

    DAmn I’ wanna squirt my load in her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. gnarla

    What are those marks on her arm?

  3. WhateverYouSay

    Fake tits. She stuff/pads her push up bra. You see fake cleavge on the top, then it suddenly HANGS on the bottom? Anyone see what I’m talking about?

    • azgirlgoneeast

      yes, and i still cannot believe she tries to claim they’re real. you can tell simply by looking at the top of them that theyre implants. real boobs do not round out at the top like hers, they are teardrop shaped not round. why do i know this?? cause i have implants haha( and my dads a plastic surgeon)

  4. kimsux

    whats with the clear bra straps cmonnn

    • lala

      i totally agree they have a thing called strapless bra i think they have been out for years unless its to hold up all the tissues and padding thats in them

  5. yowillie

    Love to smoke that.

  6. Jack Ketch

    Ummm, @notyou … check out the pumpkin patch pix … real tits do not stay in place when you’re upside down ? Come on, now. And Google the Dr. Drew show where they found the implant. And get your eyes checked.

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