1. whocares

    she looks like a freaking 40 year old prostitute. tore up from the floor up.

  2. me

    This chick has her chest pushed out and arms and shoulders pulled back as far as possible in every pic she’d had taken. She has to be one of the most self aware attention seeking whores I’ve ever seen.

  3. stratacat

    all three of those people are the same age.

  4. Dan

    To me the mom is hotter than the “girl.”

  5. Meh

    This whole thing is just weird.

  6. azgirlgoneeast

    where’s her ass??

  7. old man

    The mom has a nicer rack than she does

  8. Maria

    Ugh. She looks like a very used hooker who’s close to retirement… And those freaking boots! She is a mess from head to toe.

    And why does Dougie always wear a handkerchief on his head? Is it cold? ;-)

    • Doug-stain

      The handkerchief on head tells us that Doug is the dood, the sort of guy who gets to nail ‘hot chicks’ whoobviously find him ‘irresistable’ . Courtney and her mother have assured him that it really is just because he’s such a virile, handsome studbeast and nothing to do with his professional contacts, bank account and house in the Hollywood hills that Courtney adores. From Courtney’s twitter: “mmmm…slippin my seductively stained, sensual skin in the magical semen love-puddles my protective, paedo prince has dreamily deposited on the satinny sumptuous sheets as he drooled deliciously from his partially paralysed lookin’ lips…like a love-mad Quasimodo to my eager Esmerelda…mmmm…thankye Jesus our Lord and Saviour! I have been BLESSED! ;) xxx

      • Melissa

        Okay, well, if porn doesn’t pan out then maybe trashy novel writing will! Yes, @ 17 yrs old, she’s quite seasoned!

    • Melissa

      shhhhhh, don’t tell Doug she’s not underage! (whispering) he thinks she’s 17, that’s the only way he can “do” her!

  9. krislaw

    She looks like a cheap street corner hooker with her pimp mother and her old ass creeper john.

  10. Deryn

    Old women should not dress like teenagers. Apply this homily to whichever person above.

    • Melissa

      Dressing like a teenager would be too restricting for WHORTNEY….she dresses like a flash back 90′s whore!

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