1. PKU78

    The Christian Community has nothing to say about this good “Christian Girl”? The make-up and hair, do make her look older but in some shots it’s clear she is a kid. Her mom is the monster in this.

    • Melissa

      ummmm, are you blind???? HELLO>>>>> just the mother??? Well, if in fact WHORTNEY was just 17 (which most of us with 1/2 a brain can see is not the case), the what does that make Doug????? A SICK pervert!

  2. Melissa

    I have 4 daughters, and my 3rd daughter is 17 (19 and 25yrs old) let’s just say that at NO time ever (and my girls totally blow this shit bag out of the water as far as looks) @ 17 did they possess such an air, thank God, and my girls are way more stacked then WHORTNEY….so, NO, she is NOT 17…people, seriously…..you can’t be that mentally challenged!!!

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