1. amanda

    Because even now, Pam Anderson is out of his league…

  2. chainsawbuzzkill

    “Aww Dougie, you can borrow my old heels anytime! They go great with your Sam’s Club leather jacket!”

  3. ew

    I’m 19, my boyfriend is 31… call me a hypocrite, but I still feel the need to say: stupid fame-whoring bitches.

  4. Joe Mahma

    What a schlub that guy is.

  5. TheEndIsHere

    LOL — a blind man can see right through that girl’s phony behavior.
    She’s such an awful actress … that she actually practices … during her interviews … in front of her husband (& the world) … how she will ‘FAKE her ORGASMS’ for later.
    She is the WORST ‘beard’ (ooops .. no wait … I meant … ‘bride’ … yeah .. that’s what I meant … ‘bride’ … lol) EVER.
    Also … does anyone else wonder if Courtney Stodden may secretly be … the ‘prom-night bathroom-stall’ baby of … famous televangelist ‘Tammy Faye Baker’?
    Come on … just admit it … they both look a lot alike –especially ‘around the eyes’. LOL.

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