1. Frank The Duck

    Apparently Dougie didn’t read the memo about wearing a cheap raincoat when you hang out with strippers.

  2. wily

    Until there’s proof she poops, ROBOT!

    • Ugh

      Wow, I didn’t read the story, but just clicked on the pic to come post that she is a fucking robot. She’s a robot who picked a few attributes that humans supposedly find attractive and cobbled them together into a repulsive stack of shit.

      • Melissa

        could be true, I suppose I’d rather believe that, then believe that a woman of today’s world, still finds it necessary to have no self-respect and pose as a 17 yr old, have professional pics taken every time she’s dressed up (okay, like a tramp)….why not just get a real job, laying on your back is easy….yeah, I would much rather believe she’s a robot! LOL

  3. azgirlgoneeast

    nice boots…

  4. smc

    Ok if she is 16 then HOW does she know about mid 90′s metal arm bands!?

    • tokka

      redneck white trash are in a weird time bubble, they only get the culture thrown out by most of america from 20 to 15 years before. They also seem to get what they think is modern culture from BET.

  5. eww

    For the love of God, dye your roots.

    • Melissa

      and get a dentist! oh and wax your eyebrows, oh and lose the frosty make-up, oh and NEVER wear white shoes after labor day! oh and If Whortney actually (in that small used up brain of hers) thinks that the people of America are retarded in some capacity, UM NO, WHORTNEY, WE KNOW YOU ARE NOT 17 YRS OLD….LET IT GO, REALLY! IT’S OKAY TO BE 40! IT’S ALL GOOD, am sure Doug will understand when you break the news to him!

  6. Llama

    I think all this bad publicity is making Doug Fat.

  7. Eden

    Jesus, at first glance it looked like MIckey Rourke and Pamela Anderson…not quite sure which couple would be more revolting.

  8. What 17 year old just decides: “THIS is the outfit i’m going to wear today.” does she have any regular clothes that aren’t hooker-esque? And her parents’ responses are: “Everyone is just jealous because she looks so good”…..right.

    • Melissa

      NO, I don’t believe she has “regular” “I’m not a hooker clothing”, well, she may, but she certainly doesn’t invite/pay the photographer for those shots!

  9. bell

    She looks like JonBenet Ramsey with implants…Where’s Jon Mark Karr when you need him..

  10. Melissa

    WHORTNEY DOES MTV AND ALL of it’s producers….well jeez, a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do, I mean Dougie….i need to work and the streets just aren’t safe anylonger! yes, we all understand…poor little 17 yr old…bet your MaMa’s proud, she must be quite the role model, lucky you! p.s. find a good esthetician and dentist, if your gonna be doing porn, at least try and have a bit of class!

  11. Sophie

    She legit looks like a stripper. Those boots are meant for Halloween costumes, not to be made into your everyday wordrobe. Gross.

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