1. ThisWillHurt

    He can buy her new tits, but he can’t get himself a less punchable face?

  2. “Involuntary Shiver” The way Dougy is looking at me is exactly like “Tooms”(X-files). The dude creeps me out.
    Oh can anyone explained to me where he gets money to upgrade his fembot?

  3. Obviously, someone was denied the chance to play with Barbies as a small boy.

  4. He’s got gonorrhea in his left eye.

  5. Instagramming implants in iPhone, inspiring instant intimacy inside internet instead of investing in intensive improvements in intelligence.

  6. PZ

    Those are as fake and unnatural as their marriage.

  7. Ajmc

    Watch out or your puppy will pop your implant.

  8. Jim

    We are rapidly approaching the day when white trash barbie has used Dung for all the surgeries and publicity he is worth. Very soon she will ditch his creepy old ass.

    Do you believe the result of this will be:

    A.) Suicide
    B.) Murder/Suicide
    C.) Random Killing Spree
    D.) Sex Change

    Regular suicide is the favorite here with a starting line -250. Doug’s psycho vibe speaks for itself. Murder/Suicide is sure to pick up steam before the windows close but right now is paying out at -150. Random Killing Spree is an option for the adventurous gambler in you. Obviously, Dougs cardiovascular fitness is poor but adrenaline and geriatric rage could propel him through the streets in a killing frenzy until he suicides by cop. RKS is paying out at +200! Sex Change is at EVEN money right now! The theory goes that Doug is building a woman suit on Courteney’s body so he can kill and skin her prior to his operation. This theory has gained some traction in recent days and could lead to a big payout for those that get their bets in under the wire. Good luck!

  9. Icehawg

    “Yep. Any hole I want too.”

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