1. john

    start up the motorboat, we’re going in


    disgustingly UGLY! Why not just OVERfill 2 balloons to the point of bursting and play with those. Jeeeeez! No thanks!

    • karlito

      she got the big fakers to fill in all those ginormous bras that she was looks kinda dumb when you wear size 38dd’s when you only have 32aaa’s

  3. Gross.

    This is as unattractive and desperate as a balding man with a comb over.

  4. At least she’ll stop wearing over sized bras and stuffing the hell outta them. Then again, her new fake boobs look, well, fake.

  5. The Illuminati Did It

    It just goes to show with diet, exercise, and a good plastic surgeon, women can look fantastic at 50!

  6. CarlT

    I think she looks pretty good here. Great abs. Carl would hit it.

  7. some black guy

    her stomach is very tone and nice. cant lie about that

  8. Yoda Mann

    Remember that bit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit when Jessica pressed up against Bob Hoskins real hard and her bazoombas made the sound of two balloons being rubbed together?

    Ya got that here.

  9. Kuro

    Everything below the boobs looks awesome.

  10. Jenn

    The skin is so translucent I bet you can read the serial numbers on those fake fun bag fillers.

  11. Rev

    Would be cheaper and less repulsively embarrassing to get a t-shirt that says “Attention Whore”.

  12. marth

    im so glad guys cant get penis implants and i dont have to deal with this shit.

  13. Tartar Sauce

    Ha-Ha A&E reinstated Phil, thus verifying that you are a left-wing loon. Re-think your life

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