1. Gin&Tonic

    can’t wait to read the comments on this one
    -pulls up chair-
    this gonna be good, this gonna be good!

  2. Looks like she’s smothering two Humpty Dumpties underneath that dress. Those just look wrong!

  3. Chinny

    I know Charles Bronson isn’t buried under his star in the Walk of Fame, but I feel like he’s still very uncomfortable about the lack of a barrier between his star and that…

  4. Worst. Implants. Ever. This pair is bordering on vile now. Enough.

  5. StatingTheObvious

    The guy in the back looks like a kid in a candy store.

  6. How long before she gets her star in the Walk of Fame?

  7. Isabella

    Oh I get it..she┬┤s going for the Jessica rabbit look.

  8. Whoa. They look like two beach balls on her chest. I’d love to play with them.

  9. hahaHA

    he s got tiny implants too ??

  10. Something is very wrong with these two love birds.

  11. anonym

    nasty chesticles.

    Do porn already.


    the tightness and color of her tits match his cheeks. :-/

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