1. Dear Santa,

    For Christmas, I want the “Zoom” feature back on The Superficial, ’cause sometimes I see something that I think is a nipple and I want to be sure.


  2. karlito

    her tits are a lot smaller than what they’ve always appeared to be. i guess it’s the illusion of huge tata’s that we’ve seen when she pushed and squeezed them into those tight tops and bras.

  3. Phoenix

    Full size, my ass! Yes! Bring back the “view original” feature!.

  4. newbie120

    Finally we are all able to see just how fake she is. Her boobs aren’t that big…she just wears super padded shirts that push them suckers up and out. In most of her pictures doesn’t matter what she’s wearing she has these clear straps sticking out. Well its her bra strap cause she has to have it on to show off what she really doesn’t have. Sad…that this girl-child thinks that is what it takes to be sexy..what she projects is skanky. Her mother should be shot on site!

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