1. your mom

    When I “grow up,” I want to be just like Heidi Spencer.

  2. richie

    smoking bod (albeit fake).

  3. Sandoucheky

    The body’s so perfect that I don’t give a shit about it

  4. This might be the best picture she’s ever taken. And look at that, no stupid, exaggerated face, black eyes, or creepy husband in it. Must be a coincidence.

  5. Luopis

    How can someone be so beautiful yet extremely nasty in the same time.

  6. elitekiller

    Needs a bigger bra.

  7. I look forward to seeing her first porn movie. I want to see her get fucked stupid. Well, stupider.

  8. Skeets

    FFS get naked already hooker. Wanna see what Dougie isn’t hitting.

  9. anonym

    heidi montag should have hired courtney’s plastic surgeon.

  10. Berta

    And more hair extensions!

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