1. Lita

    It’s an improvement.

  2. I don’t care how stupid or fake that is, I would wage cockular war on it!

  3. hattie

    did her face also come with a time machine back to 1993 for the camera used to take these photos?

  4. Melissa

    I usually don’t have nice things to say about young girls getting plastic surgery HOWEVER, she does look rather pretty in this photo for an overenhanced teenager.

  5. arnieblackblack

    I have drunkenly rutted girls who look way worse than this. I mean it. I have really let myself down on occassion.

  6. BAHAH

    Did she get a nose job???

  7. Lady Gaga much?

  8. quoi?

    its way better. plus shes smiling, not that stupid duck face.

  9. Not sure if it is actual cheek implants. She has chipmunk cheeks here – .. rather I think it is she has used naval jelly and scraped off that hideous and whorish frosted titty pink lipstick. Her eyes are also not painted heavily with navy eye liner. All in all .. god strike me dead for admitting this publicly .. she does not look half bad.

  10. bonky

    The side shots make her nose look too long.

  11. Wow. She looks really pretty in this pic. I’m liking the new look.

  12. .....

    lookin great Courtney!

  13. Michael

    She new teeth people!!! HELLLOOOO….

  14. Michael

    She GOT new teeth people!!! HELLLOOOO….

    I meant to say…

  15. ugh

    I don’t know why people are so certain she had surgery– she wears those massive pushup bras and here has just done her makeup differently (and definitely better).

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