1. disillusionisreal

    What has been seen cannot be unseen….

  2. I’d be surprised her underwear don’t have the days of the week written on them but she’s probably still learning how to use a calendar.

  3. K8E

    And finally, I promise not to steal and bleach Juliette Lewis’ wig from “The Other Sister”

  4. Uhh, I can see one of your Dougies.

  5. Ohno

    wow she just showed her pussy lmao wtf is wrong with this chick

  6. I just ate dinner and I see this shit. I can feel it coming back up…

  7. Biff

    Is it me…or does her crotch/groin area seem a little odd?

    I can’t put a finger in….errrr on it.

  8. She is completely disgusting..Is there anybody who actually finds that little slut attractive?? Her body shape sorta looks like one of those little green men aliens with the wide top and tapering to narrow bottom. She is gross on so many levels!!

    • Stupid

      Fat chicks like you are always jealous & haters.

    • Ruth

      I am a straight woman and I think she superficially looks good, the hair, the figure etc. I think she’s a ridiculous human being, is in no way ‘all natural’ and i think her husband is a disgusting paedophile, but she’s got a rocking body nonethless.

  9. Bony legs, wide hips, and It looks like she could elbow herself in the groin. (please do)

  10. She looks like the Chicken Lady from Kids in the Hall!!!!

  11. Bittersweet Lenny

    Love the marbelliing.

  12. Bittersweet Lenny

    Only Dead Presidents might pay attention.

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