1. Sayitasyouwere

    Look at 4th and 6th photo…the minor has no ass.

  2. Neal

    The only reason she isn’t doing this photo shoot over a subway grate is that it would blow the crabs up into her face.

  3. JP

    Marilyn didn’t have a huge nose and fugly looking plastic hair.

    • Brooke

      Marilyn didn’t have a huge nose because she had it whittled down by plastic surgeons… Her hair color wasn’t exactly natural, either.

      That said, Monroe >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>this dumb bitch

  4. your mom

    There is so much wrong with these photos, I don’t even know where to begin…

  5. Her ass is so fuc*ed that even the dildo tree she is backing up onto wouldn’t even touch the sides. It’d be like parking a chevy aero in the middle of the Staples Center…

  6. ArtGirl

    Marilyn Monroe may have fucked JFK and half of the West Wing, but I’m pretty sure she never wore clear stripper heals or a black bra, with a white backless dress…
    On the upside tho, this is the first time she’s been out in public in the last 12 months, without that cheep 90′s armband on.

  7. Marilyn was a skank, so, you know. If the shoe fits.

  8. If there were a god, the stripper heels would have snapped off at this very moment.

  9. bored

    Couldn’t he at least buy her another pair of shoes?

  10. patricia

    This girl must be stopped!

  11. Ohno

    oh god another Marilyn Monroe. Just let the chick die already

    p.s: I thought this was kate upton LOL

  12. Isa

    Ugh, how tacky is this person?

  13. Clown Shoes

    She looks like a chicken.

  14. NOI

    Her mother must’ve been so proud when she was three and said, “mama, when I grow up, I want to be the cheapest looking slut possible.”

  15. megan

    What kind of mother lets their 16 year old marry a 50 year old?
    I feel so sorry for her and the life she is going to have.

  16. sweetlips

    The gold arm band would have really done this photo shoot some justice.

  17. Disgusted

    Courtney is obviously much prettier and smarter than Marilyn Monroe. She deserves a lot more respect than you guys give her. I mean she’s only 16 and she’s been able to grab the media’s attention and become a semi famous albeit controversial figure. She’s having fun getting your goat and will probably become rich doing it.

    • I have to begrudgingly agree with you — people do seem to hate her a lot, but she is just in bliss regardless of whether the attention’s good or bad. I think about her future — in three years, she’ll be a has-been at 20, and that’s sad.

  18. Scooter

    Shit, I know Marilyn’s hair was fake, but damn does this chick’s wig look busted.

  19. Superdouche

    That’s not acid rain falling from the sky–it’s whore juice. Take cover America.

  20. Problem?

    Oh for fuck’s sake….enough with the damn Monroe emulation!

  21. anonym

    you guys are too harsh.

    I think she does a better job than Lindsay.

    I’d hit that, then throw her off the roof she’s standing on.
    Then go down to the ground floor and hit it again.
    Then throw her in the dumpster.

  22. VeNoM

    She’s actually very attractive, heels and all.

  23. Bez

    I think she’s also channelling Elvis aswell as Marilyn with her top lip in the first pic…

  24. blonde

    I wish she would die early like Marilyn too.

  25. Maximus

    “WAAAAAH, I’m insecure and have to put down a hot chick because every time I look at her slender body, it reminds me what a choco-chunk I am, WAAAAAH.” Seriously, ladies? Look at these and try to convince yourselves she’s not hot:
    She’s hot, get over it.

    What a bunch of insecure, bitter bitches. Wouldn’t stick a dick in you in fear it might get bitten off half-way in.

  26. Bittersweet Lenny

    Virtually anyone’s imagination could produce vastly superior images.

    This vapid bag o’tits is a deflated dirigible. So fun when they’re full, so sad when they sag.

  27. Odbarc

    Lindsay Lohan is going to be furious someone is stealing her style.

  28. I think the car yard would be better off with one of those giant inflatable dancing men.

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