1. E. Fudd

    that is one ugly Marylin Monroe… seriously.

  2. eww

    this idiot needs to get a bra that fits. she needs to go down a band size because it’s not supposed to ride up on her back like that.

    • Isabel

      ummm usually when u have big boobs the back of the bra goes up a little…because its so heavy in the front…getcho facts straight

  3. Also, she needs to not be wearing a bra — black or otherwise — with a halter dress…

  4. Haha

    How else do you expect her chicken cutlets to stay in place, she needs a bra to keep them there.

  5. Nunya

    who is this chick?? looks like she is 16 yrs. old. Marilyn atleast had curves.. wth?!

  6. ed209

    Pretty saggy boobs for being 13.

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