1. Rebecca

    FAIL…She should wait until she hits puberty and try again…

  2. karlito

    so sad to see this young girl with obvious mental problems acting like an idiot for the world to see. her parents should be ashamed of themselves for not taking responsibility in helping her, allowing her to do whatever she wanted to do and then allowing her to marry that pedophile when she was only 17. they abandoned her and she’s going to live fast and die young.

    • Ohno

      I would one plus you except she’s like 80

    • What the what

      I couldn’t agree more, karlito. If some 50 year old was sniffing around my 16 year old daughter I’d call the cops, no marry her off to him. It’s disgusting.

  3. Ben Whofleck

    Tired whore tries to emulate famous sex symbol and ends up looking worse than Lindsey Lohan. It’s a sad, sad world.

  4. pcxStarhawk

    That is NOT a flattering image of her face.
    Excuse me.

    • Rapsutin's Evil Twin

      Or the rest of her. Are these stills from a cut-rate porno called “Marilyn Monroe Gangbang” or something like that? This could haunt our nightmares for weeks.

  5. Johnny2Times

    Not any the elegance nor class of Marilyn. maybe she should try a Lohan pose instead; it’s more her speed.

  6. please make it stop

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