1. Motorboat Captain

    Hey look everybody, underage labium majorum!

  2. JP

    Nice pubs hanging out.

  3. JP

    And maybe she could’ve gone to Target before her photo shoot and got some undies that aren’t stained? Nice.

  4. If anyone actually believed she’s 17, then I’m pretty sure this would count as child pornography.

  5. Dana

    Seriously, what is up with her bellybutton? Does she have secret kids somewhere?

    • Hunteress

      OMG I have always thought that!!!! SO creepy.

      • Dana

        It’s huge…I’ve never had that kind of bellybutton when I was the age she says she is, and I’ve never said anyone else with that kind either. EXCEPT for women who have had a good amount of kids…

  6. cp3

    No no no no. Marilyn was holding the dress DOWN. Not pulling it up. Reason number 479 we would never ever ever confuse these photos with Marilyn.

  7. VENUS


  8. T.Dot

    Yeah, can definitely see “under-aged” vag here. Where I used to have a solid opinion on this whole debacle, the longer it rages on, the less I know what to say.

  9. rican

    ZOOM Feature wins again!!

  10. Trollololol

    Haters gonna hate

  11. mark

    Looks like a skrank to me.

  12. Herbal Magic Really Works Guys

    Sir, put the camera down and step away from the tenderoni. You are under arrest for producing child pornography.

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