1. kingofbeer

    Easy solution.

    Girl on Girl action.

    The old man won’t mind, money gets made, carpets get cleaned, everyone wins :)

    I’m a problem solver.

  2. Skeets


    Do pr0n!!

  3. akin

    How is this person only 18? Seriously, I wanna know what sort of shit does someone born in 1994 has to go through to look like a well kept 45 year old.

  4. MrG

    May God forgive me; I’ll watch this…

  5. BAHAH

    WTF isn’t her 15 minutes over already?! It’s been 3 YEARS GODDAMMIT.

  6. me

    i’d love to see her goble the goo…

  7. This is the moment she’s been waiting all her life for. She’s just holding out for more money at this point. I can’t wait to see her get pounded by 2 black cocks.

  8. Scott Disick's love child

    Still have no idea who this whore actually is.

  9. Lissa

    Good to see that the last year or two of prepping is paying off for her..

  10. Grossed Out

    The only thing that disturbs me more than the pervy old husband and her pervy old man fans, is her parents. WHERE THE FUCK are her parents? As a mother, and especially as a mother of a daughter, it is MY JOB to protect my daughter from people who want to take advantage of her, not add my name to the list for a paycheck. Disgusting.

  11. Observant

    Her mom is her momager, you know, like the sisters who are famous for plastic surgery, brilliant minds and absolutely no morals.
    I do wish she would have some work done on her face and learn how to use make-up. Oh, and toss those ridiculous lucite platforms.
    What is it with those screwy facial expressions? Does she think they are sexy? Usually people who try to show and/or tell people how good they are in bed are not.

  12. fairydust

    no taste in clothing ….

  13. much bigger lips, wider bigger eyes(lids)

  14. Buddo

    Im so sick of hearin about this bitch shes 18 looks like she is 32 man she is screwed when she gets older its going to hit her bad

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