1. JC

    “I’m sorry, ma’am, but the kids cain’t make a jackerlantern out of those. I’mma go with the punkins.”

  2. just here for laughs

    Proof that all sense of moral decency does not exist with these two.

    • Jack Ketch

      You needed proof ?? lol They’re already bigger liars than the Lohans and Kardashians … if that’s even possible.

  3. Pip pip cheery-o

    Jesus Christ, I can tolerate a lot, but come the fuck on! If I was a mom there with my children I’d be terrified that they were gonna start filming porn right there on the pumpkins. You notice how everyone’s turned away from them? Yeah, that’s a good sign YOU’RE MAKING EVERYONE UNCOMFORTABLE. But what’s the standard douchebag, fucktard response to that? “I don’t care what people think.”
    Yeah, even the poor little children who know what they’ve seen is wrong.

  4. Pip pip cheery-o

    Scratch that “who” out of the last sentence.
    You know, I’d respect her more if she’d just do porn then act decent in public.

    • JP

      Exactly. Who dresses like a porn star, grabbing her tits at a pumpkin patch geared towards kids and family? She IS a fucktard.

  5. Charro

    And then they claimed the DADS loved it, but the moms were just jealous??? Yeah, sorry, you have to be 18 to go to a strip club, we don’t want a free peep show for our KIDS while we’re picking out a freaking PUMPKIN, you fucking idiots! They should have been arrested, not just thrown out. See how ‘jelly’ the judge will be!

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