1. Jess

    This is what you get for stomping on Mr Jingles

  2. “Don’t you know what kid gloves are for?”

  3. Karl

    video of this would have been more funny.

  4. Venom

    “Come at me bro!”

  5. “WHAT? You guys act like you’ve never seen a 50 year old dude fingerfuck his 16 year old wife in a pumpkin patch while photographers take pictures before…although when I say it out loud, I think I’ll just leave”

  6. TomFrank

    “WE have to go? It’s not OUR fault if men are ogling my wife—and she’s only 17, for chrissakes! Why don’t you kick THEM out for being pervs?”

  7. Charro

    Gee, I thought the men were LOVING the show? Those don’t look like jealous housefraus to ME!

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