1. Meh

    “For 20 bucks I’ll let you smell it.”

    • Beth

      This girl needs to stop with all the bedroom poses, she looks like she’s trying to live a playmate/stripper/pornstar fantasy or something? Very disturbing? Seriously wear something that shows you have respect for yourself because no one is going to take you seriously dressed like that?!

  2. “Oh honey, you might be 17 in the law’s eyes, but in my eyes, it’s been 18 years since I was just another lonely 35 year-old, masturbating to your ultra-sound photo.”

  3. Charro

    Gee, why would ANYONE be offended by THIS out in public? Some ephebophile and his teen bride? Humbert Humbert, anyone?

  4. Katie

    Wow!! Can you say white trash whore???

  5. Amy

    No one ever taught this girl the difference between sexy and slutty.

  6. karen

    I think I see her ovaries.

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