1. Jack Ketch

    That is NOT a 17 year-old ass.

    • Anon

      Why not? It’s small and perky and whatnot. If you’re referring to the tiny “dimple” under her butt, a ton of girls have it. No how matter how slim and fit a girl may be, the truth is that in a woman, fat stores itself in the thighs. Maybe you’ve just been jaded by Photoshop. I love butt dimples.

      Anyway, this girl is a ho.

    • Karl

      it looks like a 40 year old whose goes to the gyms ass.

  2. TGNY

    no ass…wheres the beef?

    • Any Guy

      exactly. doesn’t matter what age she is, she has NO ass. way to show off your chicken ass in Daisy Dukes. ULTRA-fail.

  3. Venom

    The fact that her skin looks tight and there is no cellulite leads me to believe that her age might be close to what she claims.

  4. disgusting whore. she looks about as 17 as george burns.
    and she has those scrawny bird legs that should never be shown off.
    throw in the disgusting orange skin and this is just fucking gross!

  5. Charro

    “Ahhh…I love the smell of anal bleach cream first thing in the morning…”

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