1. doni

    Yeeeesshhh!!! Want more embarrassingness? Youtube her and watch her ‘music videos’. I wonder who her fan base is…….

  2. pnkl8y

    What is up with that weird smile? It looks like she has had a stroke of some sort.

  3. blonde

    I hope they burned that like a dishonored flag.

  4. Bob

    She looks peculiarly Glanville/Rimes-esque in this shot, only older.

  5. WhateverYouSay

    I can see her being a pedophile in the future. And this will be her pedo-stare.

  6. American Meatgoat

    There is no way this broad is 16. At minimum she’s in her thirties and used to be a lot lizard somewhere in the midwest.

  7. ciaciani

    her roots are showing

  8. Jamie

    Way to disrespect our colors, you bimbo.

  9. rabbit

    w/o plastic HOT, after NOT!

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