1. Coyote

    Doug Hutchison spent too much time on the Green Mile; he is one Sick, Twisted Dude

  2. vi


  3. tessa

    no amount of proof would convince me she’s a teenager. all i see is a “‘real housewife’ with a closet prescription drug problem’.

  4. Jt

    My ass this girl is 16 or 17. She looks like Dina Lohan actually right down to the orange skin. Fucking skank

  5. Whawhawhabam!

    What the hell is wrong with her face? She looks like she has too poop in every picture.

  6. ciaciani

    hmmm. . .
    That’s the face of drugged anna nicole smith

  7. Ay Dios mio

    Can I play the piano? No, but THIS! *straddles piano*
    Can I play the drums? No, but THIS! *straddles drum*
    Can I play the flute? No, but THI- wait! *tweeef.. tweeef..* Dougie look!

  8. She is the biggest SLUT i’ve ever seen.

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