1. Can’t run faster than an STD.

  2. Ana

    I absolutely love the dog in this picture. He’s(?) all, “Look at me! It’s my time in the spot light! I am fabulously PINK!”

  3. BAHAH

    Orange Lolita.

  4. jj

    Anyone notice the white “spot” on her foot? And how about some actual running shoes? If your just going to hold your heels, why even wear them to begin with? Barefoot on a road is almost as nasty as she is

  5. Ell

    Look what she did to poor Falcor.

  6. JN

    This is the most stereoptypical LA photo I’ve ever seen.

  7. Riann

    I like how Courtney pops in every now and again to defend herself under an alleged name: “Stop hating on Courtney, she does NOT look 40! Her boobs are REAL. You guys are just jealous!”

    I’m going to be generous. . . she’s 35.

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