1. Yeah, those stripper heels aren’t doing any damage to her feet, eh? And — is that fucking ugly pooch dyed PINK?

  2. Cock Dr

    Bodyguard eh? He doesn’t look as if he could defend that dog if a cat jumped out at them from the bushes.
    Who’s she kidding….that’s the guy she fucks when the old dude is sleeping or out making a run for more booze, smokes and thongs.

  3. bewbs

    I like his comically oversized suit

  4. Lou

    Her bodyguard looks like a chunky Justin Long

  5. Kitty

    The man in the monkey suit is most likely her brother, dressed stupidly like a body guard to make it look like she is IMPORTANT enough to need one….

  6. That suit is flat-out fucking hilarious.

    Hey, has anyone seen “The Cooler” with William H. Macy? In the extras they show how they change him from a sad-sack loser in the beginning of the film to the self-confident go-getter towards the end. He wore the same style of suit throughout the whole thing, except it was too big and baggy at the beginning and they just tailored it better and better as the transformation progressed. Very clever trick, I thought.

    But yeah, this guy’s beyond help.

  7. vekfan

    Holy crap that’s funny. Someone’s gonna take that guy down just because they can and he looks like that.

  8. Ell

    He looks like John Travolta’s retarded s–.. oops, my bad.

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