1. Looks like they’re finally starting the 3-D reboot of “Barb Wire.”

  2. Jaba

    Why is her cunt mound so fucking huge? Like she’s got a 70′s ginormous bush.

  3. pretty vacant

    OMG SOME BODY SAVE THAT POOR PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. BAHAH

    Ew, she’s back. Again.

  5. heywood

    When will you idiots learn to stop taking pictures of this unibrow crusty orange skinned nightmare and her hobbit I look like cory haim on crack dying of AIDS which is weird because cory haim did crack husband…. Really running in heels you the paparazzi keep people like her famous by photographing her doing this staged crap… In China this woman wouldnt even be allowed to breathe….. Please make her go away….

  6. Britt

    swiftly swaying my sexy stiletto’s while seductivly securing the grasp on my sassy salmon shaded pooch.

  7. Ell

    Because nothing screams “PETA-supporter” more than running around with a purple colored dog.

  8. Ludwig Gunderson

    I would totally bathe in her turd water.

  9. Your move, Phoebe Price.

  10. Dana

    Really? Jogging in full hair/makeup, AND Heels? Let alone the tiny ass booty shorts. I can’t stand looking at her, she is just so ridiculously dumb it scares me. Sad thing is, she’ll probably get that reality show she wants. Shame.

  11. Suckmadick

    Why the fuck do you keep posting pictures of this monstrosity? It depresses me that people like this exist every time I see her. She is everything that is wrong with the world and everyone fucking hates her. Please stop fucking post pictures of this thing.

    • MOMOE

      I agree…that poor dog….and her lipstick is just gross it is the color of an 85 year old…I had forgotten all about her until now..I too do not know why they had to post yet another picture of her stripper shoe jogging self….if shes gonna do the shoes and nasty lipstick she should at LEAST go strip when shes 18…if it looks like a duck and talks like a duck…IT MUST BE A DUCK

  12. Fudge Fatty

    Can anyone recommend any reading material on the viscosity of her bowel movements?

  13. Rob

    I actually think she is sexy now, in that photo. You can tell I like ‘em trashy. She wasn’t trashy enough before.

  14. awful

    the heels ARE NOT sexy! they’re literally known for being stripper heels or worn on halloween.. as a joke. does anyone wear those seriously except for her? i can’t even comment on the ‘jogging.’ if she ever wears anything other than those ridiculous clear tramp heels i’m going to stroke out and die of shock.

  15. brandi

    just jogging along in full hair and makeup, and heels ? WTF

  16. noyb

    yes i used to have an idiot friend like that. big fake bleached blonde hair and she WOULD seriously wear heels to the gym….then she couldn’t for the life of understand why guys wanted a quick f*ck and wouldn’t take her seriously when we went out

  17. Allison Wunderlan

    Vegetarian? So she’s spitter, not a swallower?

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