1. You don’t see many 16-year-olds with hands like Madonna.

    • The Listener

      Exactly. She’s at least in her early 30s.

    • gluten

      Yes! They can replace anything they want with plastic parts in an attempt to look young, but there is nothing they can do about THE HANDS and eventually the TURKEY NECK..

  2. asdasd

    This is not her, but her mother.

  3. My Left Nut

    Is that Molly Shannon with her?

  4. Doc Schweinstrudel

    her mom looks younger than her, but what the fuck, mom, i’d never let my daughter outside having stripper heels on

  5. toad

    i could never understand, do women that dye their hair blond not realize that their brown roots grow out in just a few days or do they just not care?

    • Kitty

      If she was smart then she would have gone with a base color closer to her natural haircolor and just had blonder highlights. Either that or gone with the ombre look and started working in the blonde further down. She wouldn’t be able to get this blonde doing either of those things, but she’d still be able to be quite blonde and avoid having such tragic roots.

  6. Nik

    The hands say her true age.

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