1. angerinside

    For any of you who always wanted to see Traci Lords when she used to do porn, but can’t because it’s illegal and the internet would never allow such videos to exist, please see any of the above pics.

    NOTE-google just reported an upsurge in Traci Lords searches.


  2. briguy

    We’ll know how old she is soon because she’ll do porn the day she turns 18

  3. cow jugs

    The sad part is she really is 16 underneath it all. And her man is really only 18, after being stripped away of his wrinkles, premature sagging raising balls, and douche-bag corporate attitude ego.

  4. em

    Her face isn’t exactly model material, but her body and the way she presents herself has a lot of people talking, and that marriage REALLY got her noticed. Sure, she’s another no-talent, but it’s the “no-talents” that make us all feel so much better about ourselves and the perfect judges. This is what keeps these kind of people raking in the money, is our own egos, not their’s.

  5. Misana

    she looks like she is in her 40′s with all that makeup.

  6. JNo

    My eyes! My eyes! The lizard tongue and the porn faces! I am going to my safe place now.

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