1. Dox

    Dammit. I clicked the link.
    Hope your skylanders are worth my being scared for life.
    Might as well get this train wreck over with.

  2. I wish Kevin Smith was my designated driver.

  3. Big Earl

    She really doesn’t deserve the attention she gets on this site. The average dancer in an average strip club is hotter.

  4. less is more

    What the hell happened to her eyebrows? Did Mrs. Potato Head pack her angry eyes?

  5. Deb

    I see very clear red flags re Doug and Courtney living in the same house with him continuing to do whatever he does to further her fame. The sad part is, despite the lack of talent and the plastic “beauty”, this whole thing reminds me of Dorothy Stratten. Courtney is not in her league but she is with a man who has said he “doesn’t know what he’d do if they broke up”, can’t live without her, blah blah blah. That’s what Dorothy’s hubby said when she asked for a divorce and was having an affair – he killed her (I think with a shotgun) and then himself. Tragic. I see history may just repeat itself and I actually feel sorry for her because she is probably naive enuff to think his odd behavior is truly love and not because he’s bat-shit crazy.

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