1. JC

    She must have had Picasso do her plastic surgery.

  2. Vandinz

    Why do I want to know about this 40yr old having a bath?

  3. JS

    Would someone please notice her so she can stop…

  4. BreeJay

    No makeup my sweet patootie. It took about three hours to perfect that ‘natural’ look. She’s wearing foundation, eyeliner, mascara, lipgloss and eyebrow pencil. And she still looks like… that.

  5. Gary

    So that’s what happened to the “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!” guy?

  6. Blech

    What is with the ‘no make-up’ crap? I don’t mean here, I mean EVERYWHERE.

    Fuck you, celebrities. You wear make-up to bed, you lame assholes.

  7. Face of a 40-year-old on the body of a 10-year-old. Ugly with or without make-up.

  8. anonym

    ok. This is not the face of a teenager.

    she looks upper 30′s, and her parents must’ve adopted her

  9. jim

    She doesn’t look that old. She’s very pretty. Any one of you would be lucky to stand next to her. Losers.

  10. Brentkilledaguy


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