1. Frank Burns

    “Pinch a loaf, cup a boob.”

  2. drunk at noon

    Someone get Hollywood on the line. I think we’ve got a big star on the way up. Forget the next Freddy vs. Jason movie, this thing has the capacity to scare film-going audiences like they’ve never been scared before.

  3. Kate

    No make-up? Her face is just naturally a completely different color than her stripy fake tanned body. Also, I still say she looks like she has had a stroke.

    • sassy

      Seriously– look how it looks like she’s propped up. This must be a still shot from the sequel to Weekend at Bernies.

  4. Batman

    As a man with a penis, I’ll pretty much fuck anyone that will let me, but I wouldn’t stick my dick anywhere near that girl. Desperation and daddy issues do nothing for me.

  5. anonym

    holy shit, this is a horrible camera angle.

    that face is so ugly !!

    reminds me of the old lady down the street.

  6. Pepper

    Anyone else think she looks like Penny in Dirty Dancing? And I’m talking post-abortion messed up Penny…

  7. Nerdo

    Just a couple of 40 year old ladies, baking a cake.

    Her mom looks like her sister, and that’s NOT a compliment to her mother.

  8. Bleeple

    Except she is wearing makeup…look at the difference of color between her neck and face.

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