1. elephantman

    She looks like she’s on drugs.

  2. Anonymous

    Chicken Cutlets!!

  3. BbyBluThghHghs

    I have never seen someone try SO hard to be sexy in my life. She just needs to stop and realize she’s kinda busted…

  4. Jeffro77

    Seriously what is this? Why? What is she selling? Did I really read somewhere that she’s 16?? She does not look anywhere close to 16 – I’m not buying that for a second. And not just because she looks like she’s advertising escort services.

    Wait is she advertising escort services?

    Because that would make total sense. I’m not one of those guys that tosses “whore” around a lot. But she’s looks like a total whore.

  5. Crissy

    Sweetie, your bra is kinda oversized!

  6. bummer dan

    without makeup she almost looks… human.


  7. She’s wearing the Victoria Secret Bra that adds 2 cups sizes. Thats why it looks so oversized.

  8. Leslie

    If this girl is 16, like I’ve been reading. Is it SERIOUSLY legal to have photos like this running around when you’re under the age of 18. And if so, who would let their child do something like this?

  9. Mischa

    Uh she’s actually wearing make up in these pics…mascara, her eyebrows are filled in,, foundation, powder and eyeshadow. It’s just not the 19 lbs of make up she normally plasters to her face.

  10. Amanda

    Her boos look seriously deformed.

  11. anon

    she’d look better as a brunette. also, anyone can realize her bra is about a cup size too big for her droopy ass tits

  12. nowi'mnauseous

    does she have an itch or something? She’s always putting her hand in her panties – must have a pretty bad case.

  13. noyb

    the creepy thing is if you just look at her face cut off the risque body part. she really does look just 16 in this pic

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